Breathing Easy in Buda & Supper at Salt Lick!!!

I live in Buda, Texas. Most Texans know where it is because of one place – Cabelas. While I admit we are frequent visitors to this incredible retail store, I thought you might want to know more about my new hometown. Nothing represents my community more than the recent Red, White & Buda July 4th event featuring a kid’s parade in our historic, little downtown.

I’ve been to many parades, as a participant, a planner and a viewer but none like this one. Most parades include large floats, antique cars and marching bands. Red, White & Buda focuses on the family by featuring a parade with kids, dogs, flags, fire trucks and simple play time. While the parade was brief, it was refreshing to live a Norman Rockwell kind of life for just a moment in time with no cell phones, no computers and no televisions. Yesterday focused on family, freedom and fun. And nothing describes Buda better than the message on the water tower – Breathe Easy Here!20130705-054450.jpg20130705-054534.jpg20130705-054600.jpg20130705-054617.jpg20130705-054625.jpg20130705-054653.jpg20130705-060811.jpgAfter a day of celebration, we opted to skip fireworks or so we thought. Reading and relaxing in the comfort of our home, we suddenly heard a familiar boom nearby. We’ve only been in our home for about nine months so we’d never lived here during July 4th. We opened the front door and from our driveway, we experienced the community firework show. What a pleasant surprise and a fabulous way to complete our Independence Day Celebration!
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My husband loves to cook barbecue. However, brisket is something he doesn’t bother grilling. It’s not that he can’t cook a large slab of beef, it’s because we live around eight miles from a restaurant recognized for some of the best BBQ in the nation. While we can’t really smell their pits for miles, knowing they’re so close made it an easy decision when determining where to eat on the 4th.

From the moment you drive up to the hand-cut, cedar-rail fence of Salt Lick in Driftwood, the experience begins. The parking lot is packed, always, and the waiting list is long, but quick. The smoked-meat smell teases you from the second you get out of your car. Waiting isn’t an issue as live music, popcorn and fresh-squeezed lemonade is available. Bring cash or an ATM card because they don’t take plastic. Never have and, probably, never will. Oh, and BYOB or purchase beer and wine at the Salt Lick Cellars, next door to the restaurant, if you want alcoholic beverages. Those who have frequented the remote dining experience, bring in their own coolers.

Known for their open pits, Salt Lick features two – one in each building. Walking through the screen doors, the first thing you see are the massive stone pits, covered in various types of beef, pork, chicken and turkey. Anyone pulling out a camera is quickly invited by the staff to step back to the pit and snap pictures. The heat from the flames can be felt behind the lens as you try to capture the moment for scrapbooks or bragging rights on your favorite social media site.

You’re seated at well-worn, picnic-style tables either in the main dining area or near a larger-than-life window, giving you the feeling of eating outdoors. Warning – Salt Lick is not vegetarian friendly so don’t expect to get grilled tofu or mushrooms as a substitute. You get some type of animal protein or beans, coleslaw, potato salad, pickles, peppers and onions. That’s it! Simple, but delicious!20130705-054837.jpg20130705-054919.jpg20130705-054934.jpgDesserts are fabulous, too. Pecan pie is available but I recommend the warm peach or blackberry cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

When you’re done with your meal, they offer a shuttle in case you don’t have the strength to waddle back to your car. I love Salt Lick and I think you will, too. For more information, go to

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