Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme…and Fredericksburg Herb Farm!

Recently, I returned to Fredericksburg, in the Texas Hill Country, for a work meeting and had the opportunity to visit the Fredericksburg Herb Farm. I didn’t know what to expect by the title. I was so impressed by what I saw, I just had to share.

When you drive up to the farm, the first thing you notice are the lush, green gardens and whimsical lawn art. Adjacent to the parking lot and gardens are quaint, pastel-colored buildings known as Sunday Haus Cottages. Available for overnight, they include living accommodations with my favorite feature, an inviting swing under the small porches.

Also on the premises is a spa, garden, retail shop and restaurant. Strolling through the gardens, I was transported back to a simpler time. Gone is the need to check email, Twitter, Facebook, watch the news, listen to the radio or have noise pollution get in your way. At Fredericksburg Herb Farm, you just want to sit down a while, have real conversations with family and friends and eat some mighty fine vittles, a word not used nearly enough as pointed out recently by a friend of mine.

Rather than go into further detail, have a look for yourself in my selection of pictures below. I hope I did the place justice and you, too, are transported, if only for a moment, to your happy place. To learn more, visit






Seldom have I visited a location where the food was as great as the attraction. Fredericksburg Herb Farm includes a fabulous restaurant on the premises and offers some of the best food I’ve had the pleasure of eating. The most difficult part of my visit was choosing from the wonderful menu.

I selected Harvest Herb Tea made with lemongrass, hibiscus flowers and red raspberry leaves. As soon as our jovial waiter brought me my beverage, I knew the meal would be wonderful. The bright raspberry-colored liquid with a slice of yellow lemon and the daintiest of edible flowers floating at the top was refreshing and beautiful. Recommended by a Fredericksburg resident, I chose the Chicken Pot Pie. The description helped in my decision, ‘chicken pot pie topped with a flaky puff pastry shell and filled with chicken, peas, carrots, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, and gouda cheese.’ They had me at gouda. As every teenager in America would say, “OMG!!!” I can’t begin to describe how fabulous this tasted. The picture will have to suffice.

One person in my party chose the Quiche du Jour served with the chef’s choice of fresh fruit and a tossed salad with lime cilantro vinaigrette. Two others went with the California Burger, a half pound burger served on a homemade bun with gouda, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, avocado, Dijon mustard and mayonnaise. In addition, they ordered fries, but not just any fries, Parmesan cheese fries. What a meal! Dessert was available but I’ll have to return to try it as I was so full from my meal, I had no room for the Meyer Lemon Pie, Rosemary Orange Rum Cake or Pumpkin Crème Brûlée.
20130609-101157.jpgFredericksburg Herb Farm is so much more than its title. If you’re in Fredericksburg, give it a try. Of course, there is so much to do in this small community, it would be difficult to go wrong no matter where you visited. For more information on things to see and do in Fredericksburg, Until next time!

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